Vision and Mission

Program Vision Statement:

Our vision is to develop the required future healthcare management professionals, who can contribute effectively to the growing administrative demands of healthcare facilities at Military Services, by enhancing the managerial knowledge, decision making skills and building their professional competencies for achieving excellence in providing healthcare .


Program Mission Statement:
The mission of the Department of Health Services Administration is:
•Educating the next generation of healthcare providers to act as model healthcare providers and enhancing the knowledge and skills of the present generation, for providing competent, efficient and effective services to patients and to internal and external customers at different healthcare delivery systems in MSD and other Health Services Organizations (HSO) at Saudi Arabia Healthcare System.

•Creating and disseminating basic and applied knowledge about the management, organization, financing function, leadership and performance management of the healthcare delivery system; and Serving people in the military, public and private sectors of the health care system.


These activities, when mutually reinforced among all key people—faculty, staff, students, and alumni aiming to advance the Department level to a premier status among similar departments in Saudi Arabia universities and colleges.

The main purpose of Health Services Administration program is to qualify the students scientifically and practically for working in the professional track and to pursue undergraduate studies for obtaining bachelor of science in Health Administration.