Relevance to the mission of the college

 The Heath Services Administration (HSA) program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles at operational levels in health care arena and to some extent in tactical levels for high achievers staff. The Heath Administration curriculum provides strong base foundation in healthcare management and interpersonal skills, leadership skills, while at the same time introducing the student to operate the health care delivery systems in Saudi Arabia at different echelons i.e. tactical and operational to become competent to handle many and varied issues and challenges in this contradictive system; health service organization (HSOs). This is related with PSMCHS mission to create competent healthcare providers as service makers in Health Services Organizations (HSOs).


The curriculum is designed to be in congruence with Saudi Arabia Healthcare Delivery systems needs, requirements, and demand. The program includes core curricula in basic management ,accounting, healthcare management, health economics, marketing, healthcare operations and quality management in Healthcare Organizations, Hospital Administration and leadership, also related health sciences studies, which are integrated with Healthcare Administration, such as Basic Allied Health Statistics and Analysis, Health Promotion, Epidemiology etc. An emphasis is placed on managerial problem-solving; decision-making techniques leading to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in managing health organizations in any unit at HSOs. Aiming to accomplish excellence in overall health service organization performance. Time period for the program is three years (5 Semesters and Six Months Internship) the first two semesters consists of English courses, basic sciences, computer science, self development skills and introductory courses such as Introduction to Management, and Healthcare Terminology etc. The remaining three semesters are designated for the core courses required by Health Services Administration Program, which are emphasizing on the important" knowledge, skills and values required by healthcare providers in Health Management discipline that includes:


The core courses are incorporating mainly Health Services Administration, Human Resource Management in Health Care Organizations, and Economics in Healthcare, Ethical-legal and Fiqeh Aspects (Islamic Jurisdictions Medical-legal) for Health professionals, Financial Management of HC Institutions, Health Information Management, and Hospital Administration.

Other courses are emphasizing on Healthcare Marketing, Social and Health Insurance, Materials Management in Hospitals, Quality Management in Healthcare, Leadership for Health Professions, Managing Long-Term Care Services, and Basic Allied Health Statistics & Analysis.