Program Goals

Program Goals are to prepare graduates for handling wide range of activities needed for administration of health care facilities and institutions, graduates are expected to:-
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the entity, structure and functions of the infrastructure of health care system i.e. hospitals and health facilities, to act as effective healthcare providers and leaders at operational levels at different types of healthcare delivery systems such as home health agencies, office based physician practices, mental health facilities, long term healthcare facilities, specialized medical centres, and insurance companies, and other health institutions.

2. Serves in an entry level and in certain middle-management positions in hospitals, health facilities departments after considerable experience and promotion from operational levels, Also high achievers are expected to be involved in higher leadership levels at tactical levels.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of healthcare delivery systems as open systems.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of management functions at (Health Services Organizations) HSOs, technical problem-solving, networking, and human relations knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for future healthcare administrators and leaders.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the important knowledge, skills, and values required in managing HSOs.
6. Functions as assistants in management and administration in healthcare institutions. I.e. analysing expected patient needs, participating in developing collection and tabulation of data and writing work reports.
7. Serves as an assistant to the hospital administrator or the head of a business, personnel, or purchasing department and other hospital facilities after indulging in deep experience in his or her facility or healthcare organization.
8. Functions in public health programs as entry level management personnel.
9. Communicating effectively and prudently with colleagues and coworkers, patients, customers by applying transcultural concept as adopted humanistic approach.
10. Demonstrate.' an understanding of the business processes and utilizing information resources to achieve organizational goals.