Professions or Occupations

 Professions or occupations for which students are prepared. 

After completing the Diploma Program in Health Services Administration students are eligible to work in an entry and intermediate levels at Hospitals and Health Facilities in Military Medical Service, Philanthropic Health Organizations, Red Crescent Society, private and public health sectors. Graduates can work in different domains in hospitals and healthcare organizations, and different healthcare delivery systems.
Main disciplines for graduates in hospitals and healthcare facilities are including the following (And not limited to):
*But including Some health institutions which are considered domains for the graduates who leave military medical services or after retirement from MSD.

1) Materials management (Purchasing and Storing)
2) Patient care administration
3) Admission and Discharge
4) Hospital units’ administrators in operational level.
5) Public relations and health marketing
6) Ambulatory Care Administrative Units
7) Health finance
8) Quality Assurance and Hospital Accreditation
9) Health Marketing
10) Hospital General Services
11) Case Management
12) Occupational Health & Safety
13) Physician practice
14) Health Insurance (Third Party Payers)
15) Health information Management and Medical Records
16) Governmental Relations at Hospitals
17) Human Resources for Health
18) International and Regional Health Agencies
19) Red crescent society
20) Long-term Services
21) Awqaf and Pilgrimage Health Affairs
22)Also Health departments in Ministry of Health and Health Departments at Medical Services in The Ministry of Defence, and Industrial and Oil Producing Companies Health Facilities
23) Private medical labs and dental centres.
24) Pharmaceutical and medical equipments manufacturing industry.
25) Outsourcing companies who are contractors or subcontractors offering and providing