Need of the Program

 Most of healthcare mangers in operational level and to some extent in second level (Tactical Level) in the Saudi Healthcare Delivery Systems are foreigners (Expatriates) or nationals who are not specialized in healthcare management; administration. The Saudi government policy is trying to qualify Saudi Healthcare managers to work in the health sector (as a National need), and for boosting Saudization Program with highly competent Healthcare Administrators; managers. Social initiatives from healthcare executives, scholars are propelling toward professionalization of healthcare leadership at all levels to be assumed by specialized healthcare; hospital administrators; managers for achieving effectiveness in overall sustainable development of healthcare delivery systems at Saudi Arabia Healthcare System as a major component of superstructures of the overall system in the kingdom.


Moreover, the need for healthcare administrators; managers at all levels is expected to grow much faster as a result of ongoing changes in the healthcare environment in Saudi Arabia. Such changes and constraints include the introduction of cooperative health Insurance, the pressure by government for Saudization of healthcare workers, rapid medical and technological advancement in the healthcare industry, and the demand for more accurate and easily accessible health information systems resulted to a stiff demand for competent health leaders, who possess unique managerial skills and capabilities to operate healthcare delivery systems. It's noticed that, there is, dramatic expansion in healthcare delivery systems in Saudi Arabia and all healthcare delivery echelons i.e. in the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of Saudi Arabian Healthcare System, therefore, it is required to qualify competent healthcare managers and health leaders at all management echelons i.e. strategic, tactical and operational to operate the infrastructure of the healthcare system.

Successful development and execution of new models of health care delivery systems will require healthcare providers, who possess strong base educational foundation and knowledge to understand and overcome challenges which face healthcare organizations and the community to be served. Heath Administration Program is aiming to prepare students for handling a wide range of activities needed for administration of healthcare facilities and institutions. The program prepares students for entry-level management positions and career opportunities in all hospitals types and levels, from small to large ,acute or speciality hospitals, ,community or regional medical centres, primary healthcare centres (PHCs), ambulatory care ,public health departments, health planning agencies, home health agencies, office based physician practices, mental health facilities, long term healthcare facilities, specialized medical centres, insurance companies and other health-related facilities.