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To be a leading regional College with the highest internationally acclaimed standards in the fields of health science


To service science and knowledge through the qualifying and development of highly professional healthcare providers and participate in distinctive, professional, scientific research to meet the needs of healthcare sectors and community services.


The Justice:
Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences adopted the justice higher intrinsic value in all its functions and activities and which govern all other values.

 The Efficacy:

Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences constantly aims to improve the overall performance through the integration of the objectives of the Directorate General of Medical Services of the Armed Forces, and the objectives of the leadership. Objectives of the students and stakeholders are to be compatible with the goals of the community in the Kingdom to reach a desirable overall health status.


Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences is committed to the development of the work environment and to stimulate creativity, innovation and scientific research to achieve a competitive advantage on national, regional and international levels, and creating strategic partnerships with all stakeholders to achieve the desired level of academic excellence.


Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences promotes academic and institutional achievement through the development of an appropriate regulatory environment for a professional development, to promote the academic freedom of faculty members and students through intellectual communication, and common action to consolidate teamwork, effective communication with positive role models among the partners for the institutional capacity building.
Accordingly, the strategy and mission of Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences is based on a commitment to the basic principles and values pursued by the college, and work to achieve the objectives and initiatives within the following strategic themes.


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