Prince Sultan Military College

of Health Sciences - Dhahran







College Vision

To be a leading regional college with the highest internationally acclaimed standards in the field of ‎health sciences.‎

College Mission

To promote science and knowledge through developing and qualifying highly professional ‎healthcare providers, to participate in distinctive scientific research in order to meet the needs of ‎the healthcare sector and to provide community service. ‎

The College Values

I.‎ Fairness:

‎ PSMCHS views fairness as the highest value in conducting all its functions and andactivities.

II.‎ Efficiency:

‎ PSMCHS strives to improve its over all performance through the highest standards of quality to achieve the goals of all stackholders.

III.‎ Excellence:

‎ PSMCHS is committed to excell in developing the ultimate work invironement to stimulate creativity, novelty and scientific research.

IV.‎ Empowerment:

‎ PSMCHS promote academic freedom and self-development for faculty and students through intellectuall communication and team work.