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Graduation Ceremony batch 23, 2016-2017

Career Week 2017 

Excellence Center for Training Programs & Consultations ITLS
Will hold two Training Courses, ITLS 19-20 July, 2017 and ITLS MILITARY 23-25 July, 2017

College Vision

To be a leading regional college with the highest internationally acclaimed standards in the field of ‎health sciences.‎

College Mission

To promote science and knowledge through qualifying and developing highly professional ‎healthcare providers to participate in distinctive, professional, and scientific research in order to meet the needs of ‎the healthcare sectors and provide community service. ‎

The College Values

I.‎ Justice:

‎ Prince sultan Military College of Health Sciences has adopted Justice as its highest intrinsic ethical ‎value to be applied in all of its functions and activities, and it governs all other values.‎

II.‎ Efficacy:

‎ PSMCHS constantly aim to improve its overall performance through the integration of its ‎objectives with that of the leadership of Directorate General of Medical Services Division of ‎the Armed Forces, and the objectives of students and the stakeholders so that it is compatible ‎with the community goals in the Kingdom to reach an outcome.‎

III.‎ Excellence:

‎ PSMCHS is committed to the development of the work environment and to stimulate creativity ‎and innovation and scientific research in order to achieve a competitive advantage nationally, ‎regionally and internationally, while creating strategic partnership with all the stakeholders, to ‎achieve the desire level of academic excellence.‎

IV.‎ Empowerment:

‎ PSMCHS promotes the academic and institutional achievement through the development of a ‎suitable regulatory environment for professional self-development, and academic freedom ‎enhancement for faculty and students through intellectual and human communication, joint ‎effort to consolidated team work and effective interaction.‎ Accordingly, the strategy is based on a commitment to the basic principles and values pursued ‎by the college, and work to achieve the objectives and initiatives within the following strategic ‎themes.‎

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