Prince Sultan Military College

of Health Sciences - Dhahran








Male Academic Specialties

Bachelor degree: Clinical Laboratories Sciences, Respiratory Care, Bridging CLS Program 

Diploma degree: Respiratory Care, Medical Laboratory Technology, Anesthesia

Health Information Systems, Emergency Med. Technician, Biomed Equipment Technolog


Female Academic Specialties

Bachelor degree: General Nursing, Clinical Laboratories Sciences, Bridging Nursing Program

Diploma degree: Dental Hygiene, Medical Secretary Transcriptionist, Nursing Diploma.


System of Study


The college operates on the Semester Credit Hour (SCH) system with courses distributed between two 15 weeks semester in each academic year, plus a summer session , if need be. Attendance is compulsory & Is recorded at the start of each class. The registration Department monitors this record 

Closely. If a student's absence exceeds the allowed percent, he is denied the right to sit for the final exams and gets  an “F”  In that, course and he must repeat it. The main language in the college is English.


Application Period


Application for admission to the College is usually open at the end of June; the college contacts the local newspapers & informs them of the time & place of exams. Selection of candidates who meet the conditions is based upon their scores in the Pre-Selection exam & interview. The Registration Dept calls the selected candidates for College admission, upon announcement of the results in the local newspapers and the college website, to inform them of the time of semester start & what they should do to finish their admission requirements.


Application Requirements


Be  a Saudi  nationality

Be between 18 and 23 years of age(except for military & the employed)

Be a graduate from secondary school within the last three years (Science Section) with a “Very Good” > 80 grade.

Be a fulltime student

Pass Pre-Selection examinations & a personal interview

Be medically fit.

Submit a written parental approval (esp. for female students)

Former students cannot be readmitted if they were dismissed for academic or conductive reasons


Offered Advantages


Monthly stipend SR 900 for (non- military & the employed).

Furnished accommodation, if available.

Free meals.

Free Medical treatment.

Documents Required for Application 

A true copy of High School Transcript, along with the original for matching.

A true copy of good conduct certificate.

A copy of national Identification card.

4 passport photographs


Documents Required for Admission


The original copy of High School certificate

The original copy of good conduct

Security clearance certificate

Guarantee form to work after graduation

Health clearance certificate

Passing  medical exam

Service commitment

The Student must sign a guarantee letter to work after graduation with a satisfactory salary not less than four years in any one of the MSD hospital for the Kingdom


Grading System