Dental & Oral Health

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Since its foundation, the Dental & Oral Health Department at Prince Sultan College of Health Science has provided quality dental oral health services to the public as a part of its curriculum. Currently, the Dental & Oral Health department offers a Dental Assistant Program for young Saudi females who will be granted a Bachelor’s Degree upon successful completion of the program. In addition to the didactic courses, the students will be exposed and trained to perform various dental assistant assignments such as chair side tasks, circulating duties, sterilization procedures and administrative /business functions as well.
The Dental & Oral Health Department is highly proud of its qualified graduates from all fields and it surely prides itself on being the most active health entity in the college in terms of providing direct quality health services as well as servicing the community at large and for the benefit of all.


To promote student’s clinical and academic potentials and to prepare them to become competent leading dental professionals through education, research and community services.
The program collaborates with faculty, administration, and the advisory committee to produce successful and proficient dental assistants to meet the needs of the dentists, patient and the community it serves.


Enhancing Oral health care through graduating transforming highly qualified Saudi Oral Health care practitioners capable of providing/ delivering efficient work in the community oral health care into more dynamic procedure that meets the demand of the future of their profession

Program Objectives

•    To provide a higher caliber curriculum that adheres to the current dental healthcare standards and business office management procedures in the dental field.
•    To develop a sense of responsibility in graduates to practice within the laws and regulation of KSA and the ethical principles of the Saudi Commission of Health Specialties and Dental Assisting Code of Ethics.
•    To create a faculty focus on the students success through effective  teaching practice in both didactic and clinical activities to provide learning opportunities incorporating modern equipment based on professional trends, oral and written research project, self and pear clinical evaluation  and various community.
•    To prepare the students for employment as a safe, competent and regulation-complaint dental health care professionals.
•    To graduate individuals with the academic knowledge and skills to qualify for and successfully pass the national examination set by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
•    To lay the foundation and allow graduation to continue to plan, attain, and evaluate their educational and career goals regardless of age, gender, cultural and socio-economic status or ethnicity.
•    To develop effective written, verbal communication skills for the benefit of patients, colleagues, and other members of the health care team.
•    To provide broad-based education that lays the groundwork for advancement into a variety of dental assisting careers.
•    To provide students with the opportunities to develop competencies in the use of safety techniques, exposing, developing and mounting radiographs.
•    To build in graduates a commitment to lifelong learning, a dedication to fulfillment of personal and professional potential, a sense of dignity, value and self-worth.