Emergency Medical Services





The EMT Department thrives to create a state of the art teaching & training center of excellence for emergency medical technology in all the Kingdom, and to become the certified center for life support courses.



  • To offer bachelor program in Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedics Level).
  • To provide learning opportunities to develop student competencies in patient assessment, management of a variety of external and internal injuries, medical, cardiac, obstetrics and gynecology emergencies, as well as geriatric, neonatal and pediatric emergencies and emergency vehicle operations.
  • To develop student skills in performing the proper procedures when rendering emergency medical care to trauma or medical cases.
  • To run short courses to prepare and train our students, civilian & military physicians and paramedics to pass the BLS, ACLS, PALS, PHTLS courses.
  • To cooperate with the training department of King Fahd Military Hospital in conducting BLS , ACLS and PHTLS courses.



  • Upon graduation from the Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) Program as an effective caregiver, the Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic) should demonstrate the following competencies:
  • Physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to provide Emergency Medical Care; respond to the scene in a safe and timely manner and assess the scene of a medical or trauma emergency considering issues of safety.
  • Be active in the local community by supporting efforts and assuming a leadership role to improve primary care and citizen involvement in the Emergency Medical Service System.
  • Participate in personal and professional development programs.
  • Exercise personal judgment in case of interruption in medical direction caused by communication failure or in cases of immediate life-threatening conditions where such emergency care has been specifically authorized in advance.
  • Practice their job in compliance with legal, ethical, and professional standards.



  • Our graduates have the skills to provide pre-hospital trauma, medical, cardiac, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, and geriatric life support.
  • They have employment opportunities in ambulance services, emergency room (ER) in hospitals, medical clinics, fire departments, and private industrial clinics.



  • We are planning to start a bridging Bachelor Degree program in addition to the present Bachelor program soon.
  • After starting this program successfully we will also introduce a program for Females and post graduate of our Bachelor holding graduates who wish to get the postgraduate Degree.



DATE: 29. 06. 2015