Biomedical Technology


Department of Biomedical Technology


About Department:


The establishment of the Biomedical Technology Department in 1428, corresponding to 2008 in order to meet the urgent need for Biomedical Technicians in the military hospitals. The department is in the process of continually improving its teaching methods, courses and laboratories in order to provide a complete and fulfilling learning experience to its students. The department faculty members aspire to provide a strong technical education to the graduates of the program.


Department Vision:


The Biomedical Technology department aspires to produce graduates with excellent technical skills and competencies which will enable them to excel in their chosen field of Biomedical Equipment Technology. The department aspires to develop graduates with the ability to understand and apply the principles of modern technology used in the Biomedical Technology field. The department envisions all its graduates possessing a strong scientific temperament.      


Department Mission:


The mission of the Biomedical Technology department is to provide a high quality technical education with lifelong learning skills in order to enable the graduates to carryout various technical services in healthcare facilities and to participate in the sustainable development of society through the graduates professional, technical, communication and team work competencies.


Department Objectives:


1) The graduates of the biomedical technology program will be successfully employed in the area of biomedical  


     technology including electronic instrumentation technician to serve the needs of the healthcare services in


     military, public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.



2) The graduates of the biomedical technology program will engage in active, continuous and lifelong professional


    development, seek learning and training opportunities, adapt to the rapid changes in work environment, and


    function as a part of working teams.



3) The graduates of the biomedical technology program will contribute to the welfare of society and the


    development of the profession through the responsible practice of their services.