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College Vision

To be a leading regional college with the highest internationally acclaimed standards in the field of ‎health sciences.‎

College Mission

To promote science and knowledge through qualifying and developing highly professional ‎healthcare providers to participate in distinctive, professional, and scientific research in order to meet the needs of ‎the healthcare sectors and provide community service.


Is committed to the development of the work environment and to stimulate creativity ‎and innovation and scientific research in order to achieve a competitive advantage nationally, ‎regionally and internationally

The main focus of Quality and Academic Accreditation Directorate (QAAD) is to build PSMCHS's academic and administrative capacities and breakthrough PSMCHS's academic programs, for accreditation by The National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment (NCAAA) as local accrediting institution, and by external regional and international accrediting academic organizations.
The directorate is collaborating, cooperating and coordinating with different accrediting organizations, for compliance with the established standards of these organizations, and to translate such standards to reliable standards; criteria. Moreover, making adequate realization and follow up of approved standards, its requirements, and provision. Making standards; criteria and requirements pervasive throughout its organizational plans and academic programs.
The directorate is providing consultation, training, technical support, and liaison with Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences (PSMCHS) academic and administrative organizational units, for having the required advisory and training activities ,regarding accreditation requirements on institutional and programs levels.
The directorate plans, organizes, evaluates and controls, and assesses all college operations ,processes, performances and practices, for assuring quality of structural inputs, processes (Integration of Structures, Technologies, People and Tasks), verifying the quality of outputs and outcomes of the educational services.
Also, instituting standards and indicators for assuring quality and improving performance, building a quality management system and model, pursued on auditing level of realization of achievements and compliance with required administrative, academic and clinical standards.
One of the main functions of the Quality and Academic Accreditation Directorate (QAAD) is to develop and originate various assessments, measurements and evaluative tools related to the quality management system and model. Conducting periodic and evaluation processes, summarizing and abstracting outcomes of administrative and academic performance results at PSMCHS in its, monthly, quarterly annual reports.
The directorate participates in establishing strategic and operational plans at PSMCHS, managing and developing human resources in the directorate, developing institutional and faculty capacities of PSMCHS for achieving academic excellence. Moreover, managing the process of obtaining excellence awards from concerned authorities.

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