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College Vision

To be a leading regional college with the highest internationally acclaimed standards in the field of ‎health sciences.‎

College Mission

To promote science and knowledge through qualifying and developing highly professional ‎healthcare providers to participate in distinctive, professional, and scientific research in order to meet the needs of ‎the healthcare sectors and provide community service. ‎

PSMCHS is committed to the development of the work environment and to stimulate creativity ‎and innovation and scientific research in order to achieve a competitive advantage nationally, ‎regionally and internationally,

DSC 5601On behalf of the faculty, staff and students, I would like to give you a warm welcome to the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences. We hope you find the campus, its programs and its services excellent to be in top form to provide for your educational needs. Across the past years, the college continuously seek to deliver high quality education, add new academic programs, enhance  support services and improve facilities.

As well as maintaining academic excellence, we provide students with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.
The college is continuously marching ahead in pursuit of excellence in imparting quality education, inculcating strong ethical values in its graduates to become good citizens and serve the society in a better way. The faculty, staff and fellow students look forward to welcoming you as you begin or continue your academic career.
We are determined to continue our strong progress, building on the school’s key strengths. I strongly feel that with its well experienced, committed faculty, staff and strong academic infrastructure base, the college is adequately equipped to meet the challenges of modern technological education. We look forward to all those willing to accompany us in taking this professional journey and celebrating the academic and other personal achievements.
I wish you every success in your studies.
 Brig. Gen. /Dr. Edan Musa Al Zahrani
Director Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences

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